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RSS Authority Sniper 3.0

Improve your site authority by piggybacking on the authority of of other sites search engines already know and love. RSS Authority Sniper 3.0 makes it easy to leverage your niche “movie stars” to lift your site’s overall authority which trickles down to your individual pages through the power of co-citations.

Cross platform Adobe Air desktop software works on both Windows and MacOs.

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Our Co-Citation feed hosting subscription service – quickly and easily promote and mix your content with authority companion feeds and static pages for fast indexing, improved site authority and rankings boosts.

Works with our time saving RSS Authority Sniper software, or on it’s own.

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Keyword Ignition

Harvest the auto-suggest long-tail keywords of over a dozen major search engines and product databases in minutes.

Plus use our keyword spinner module to mix up new keyword variants based on places, prefixes, or adjectives added to your base keywords.

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RSS FeedFinder

Quickly find hundreds of RSS feeds with our handy desktop feed finder software from blogs, social sites and more. Save massive time, no more searching by hand.

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WikiLink Jacker

Grab coveted, high value Wikipedia links by finding and fixing dead reference links using our WikiLink Jacker software.

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